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Language Program

As the only Montessori school in St. Louis with a second language immersion program, Casa de Niños offers children:

  1. A second language in a home-like environment that can give them advantages later in life.
  2. Purposeful activity that develops the whole person and nurtures the child's natural desire to learn.
  3. Day Care and Preschool Montessori Program for children ages 18 months through 5 years.
  4. Casa de Niños provides an environment in a former residence that resembles home for your child. It provides a comfortable, peaceful, safe, and stimulating place where lessons are custom-tailored to meet each child's needs.


Our Mission

To acquaint children at a young age with a second language and thereby stimulate their development in a comfortable homelike environ ment. This early preparation will help them grow as members of the world community.

Our Goal

To work individual with our students to help them reach their maximum potential in a challenging and nurturing setting.