Frequently asked questions

Why an immersion preschool?

The 2008 study released by the Applied Developmental Science states that bilingual children have an increased cognitive flexibility and focus, while supporting the augmentation of a child’s ability to discipline themselves in daily actions.

Will my child understand?

Some children may be very open and others may be intimidated. Our routines help children feel comfortable because they know their schedule and soon enough they are very comfortable listening and understanding the second language

Young children will start to not only understand the spoken language but sense what is being communicate. We use body language, inflection, facial expression, songs and many other fun ways to communicate what is needed as each student begins to learn the language.

Will my child be delay in English?

As long as children attend Casa in a full-time capacity, they will receive all of the exposure to Spanish that they need to learn the language successfully. Parents do not need to speak Spanish at home in order for a child to become bilingual. In fact, many children tend to prefer that parents only speak English at home and reserve the Spanish language for school, if that is what they are accustomed to. Being surrounded by an English-speaking community outside of school whether that is in the home, everyday life, with family, church, stores, etc. being in a Spanish immersion program will not affect their English language development.