About Us

Program is for children ranging between 18 months to 5 years old.
As a Montessori Preschool, Casa de Niños believes that children learn effortlessly, absorbing from their surroundings and through sensory exploration. Our small groups support the natural process of individual learning throughout each day in the classroom.
The Casa de Niños environment allows children to explore and freely choose activities to enhance their development, to be independent and reach their full potential as independent thinkers.

Based on the Montessori Education, our classrooms are made up of diverse age groups. With students of different ages, our environment fosters opportunities in which each child develops leadership skills and learns to support and take care of each other.

This is a natural way to understand their responsibility as members of their community at school and therefore their future communities around the world.

Casa de Niños means "children’s house". Our environment resembles home, designed to be a comfortable, peaceful, safe, and stimulating environment to learn a second language in a natural way. The learning process is encouraged by a child’s natural curiosity. Teachers guide children toward their goals and help children reach their maximum potential in a second language. Lessons are individually designed to meet each child’s needs. When children adopt a second language at an early age, they have a greater possibility of becoming fluent in that language. At Casa de Niños, children discover the world by gaining a wider perspective, a higher understanding, and a greater capacity to observe and learn.

According to the American Speech-Hearing Association (www.ASHA.org), “Most children have the capacity and facility to learn two or more languages. Research suggests there are advantages to being bilingual, such as, linguistic and metalinguistic abilities and cognitive flexibility, such as, concept formation, divergent thinking and general reasoning and verbal abilities.”

As parents, we want our children to become well-adjusted, intellectually prepared, socially adapted, and productive citizens. As a bilingual Montessori School, Casa de Niños helps children achieve these expectations and learn a second language taught with the proven Montessori system. Children develop the lifelong ability to communicate with more people, have improved problem-solving skills and ultimately have a competitive advantage in the job market. A second language provides more options and opportunities in a world that is becoming smaller every day through the advances in technology, instant communication, and a global economy.

Casa de Niños exposes children to the many ways of thinking, communicating, and living in a world full of hundreds of cultures. Children learn and discuss what these global cultures are and what life is like within those communities. Within the classroom, Casa de Niños is made up of a diverse group of children from varying cultures and backgrounds, encouraging students to learn from and embrace.