Testimonial #3

Testimonial #3

Parent Name: Brad B.

Child Age: 4 years old

Years at Casa de Niños: 2 years

What has your experience been like at Casa de Niños?Our experience has been nothing but terrific. Our daughter has grown so much since starting at Casa, both on the language side, as well as the overall development side. Being fully immersed in the Spanish language while at Casa has shown evident contribution to her confidence and personality. We could not imagine her going to any other daycare/school, and we have no doubt that we will be sending our newborn son there when he is old enough to attend as well.” Why would you recommend Casa de Niños to a prospective parent? The teachers and instructors at Casa truly care about every child and their development. The intimate atmosphere allows each student to feel special, included, and cared about, growing them closer to the instructors, school, and their classmates. Your child will not just be "another number" at Casa. We also love that our daughter is fed only healthy, quality foods while at school, as we feel it is important for her to know what is good to eat, starting at a young age. Your child/children will love it here!”