As a Montessori Preschool in St Louis, our Program is based on the Montessori Method and children can communicate fluently in Spanish after spending 3 years with us.


As an Immersion Spanish Preschool we work to effectively develop Spanish as a second Language. Our preschool ratio is 1 teacher for every 5 children, giving each child personal and individual attention throughout every activity. All teachers are native speakers from different Spanish speaking countries around the world.


Our curriculum is based off the Montessori Method. This method is made up of opportunities for practical life skill development, sensorial awareness, Spanish language learning, math concept perfection, and cultural consciousness.
Practical life

In this area children are able to use tools and activities that are in our everyday life. From taking care of the environment using our garden to learning to take care of themselves like clean-up after every meal of activity. Other exercises like pouring water, organizing dirty dishes, or manually sewing are also opportunities to develop concentration and practical everyday skills.


Montessori Materials are created to give children the opportunity to explore color, size, sound, texture, dimension of the world in a way that is accessible and natural to them.

Cultural subjects

Children are exposed to the richness of the language spoken in the classroom. We introduce reading and writing in a phonetic way and since we do it in Spanish, the child naturally does the transition to his/ her dominant Language.


The natural mathematical mind has an opportunity to work with different materials in a concrete way. The variety of materials present to the child an opportunity to manipulate and make connections with each element.


The child’s natural curiosity about their surrounding encourages them to explore our world. Though materials and exercises that include botany zoology, geography, and art, each child is able to do so. Different art materials are also available for children to explore their individual creativity and self-expression, or be lead through guided art projects.


Our schedule helps develop self-confidence because children are aware of what happens during the day. There is a consistency in our day to day routine that helps implement age appropriate activities and daily tasks. It is known when it is time for snack, work time, lunch, reading time, brushing teeth, play, nap, etc. and each student develops more self-discipline and logical thinking through having that routine.


From building healthy eating habits and team-work skills in order to set the table, to having a sense of family as we hold hands and sing our song before eating, mealtime is a big part of our learning. Children are heavily involved in preparing fresh and homemade meals every day. We are very happy and passionate about offering our children a very clean and whole hearty food. Our menus are specially designed to have a balanced nutrition using fresh produce, hormone free milk, and non-hydrogenated oils. We constantly consult with a nutritionist to keep us on track with the newest scientifically proven healthy trends.


As a part of our Curriculum we offer Music and Yoga once a week.


This class allows the children to learn poses and breathing techniques from our yoga instructor. During the week, the children have the opportunity to practice the techniques that they have been taught with a partner on their own time.


This class is given once a week by a music specialist, allowing children to develop musical skills, listening skills, and the importance of following directions in a creative and fun way.


Giving the children the responsibility to care and tend for our garden provides them with an amazing array of lessons. What better way to learn about plants, food, and health than getting their hands dirty in their own garden at school?