Testimonial #1

Testimonial #1

Parent Name: Andrew L

Child Age: 2 years

Years at Casa de Niños: less than 1 yr

What has your experience been like at Casa de Niños?

Our experience has been phenomenal, our daughter Sadie has picked up the Spanish language quicker than her mother or I could have ever imagined. She said her first Spanish words within the first 10 days. Veronica and her staff are so accommodating and friendly. I have been more than pleased with our experience so far and I look forward to my daughter’s growth.” Why would you recommend Casa de Niños to a prospective parent? Great care for your child, and I haven’t heard any of the teachers speak a lick of English, which I really like. Sadie, my 2yr old, has already picked up Spanish commands and seems to be understanding simple words in Spanish.”
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